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Why Should I Know These Things?

We all have our own interests of what we like to read, learn and talk about. Personal finance + technology doesn't usually top the list. Most don't like to talk about it or even admit to reading about it and definitely not publicly. I did some posting on LinkedIn in past years to gauge interest and, surprisingly, those posts still get views, far more than I ever anticipated.

However, the reach and content were limited.

As George did in the episode of Seinfeld, I'm doing the exact opposite of what it should be in 2024, posting directly on my website and not social media. Once you start reading the posts, you'll have a better understanding why.

Using technology to manage your money, home, valuables, vehicles is inevitable. Why should I care to know when I have my personal finances in order and I'm pretty tech savvy?

Because the FTC reported that US consumers lost nearly $8.8 billion due to fraud in 2022 alone. What's worse is that few people ever admit or talk about it. I will.

Because the more pieces of your personal information that can be found on public websites, social media profiles and feeds, the easier it is for cyber criminals to put them together like a puzzle. You will be amazed what data brokers and property tax websites have published on you. I was.

Because we have unknowingly been deceived into thinking something is real or safe to view or post and for so many reasons why it's not. I have.

Because technology is moving faster than our imagination can keep up with and we need to protect those who aren't moving that fast. I do.

With a list that will take us into next year, I will write about things you should know and things you should do to keep your treasures secure, private and smart. It isn't a one-time fix. It's staying one step ahead.

It also isn't written at a third-grade level or by AI that is purported to be prioritized on LinkedIn for easy scanning and scrolling. It goes deeper than that and in reality, much more complex which make the posts longer. I also include external links corroborating that I'm not making this stuff up. It involves real research and citing those sources.

I will also write about digital things you should know for fun like how to discover new music and the lyrics you can't really understand. It's how I discovered all the songs I missed hearing from 3 Doors Down. There's one in particular with the lyrics, "Something that is mine, all my own." My website and writing are just that and my way to give back.

It will be engaging and something different to follow for those who want to be one step ahead.

New FTC Data Show Consumers Reported Losing Nearly $8.8 Billion to Scams in 2022 | Federal Trade Commission

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