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Personal Finance + Technology Help List

 You know you should do these things but don't. I can help.


your passwords with a Password Manager, your online accounts with 2FA & your smart home / phone apps.


notifications, transactions and transfers. Track savings, debt, investments and net worth.


your digital privacy & footprint. Clean-up personal & family identifiable information from public view.


your digital personal files & photos in a vault, cloud storage with automatic back-up.


using due diligence to find and verify legitimate, trustworthy sources & services.


a list of your accounts: banks, investments, credit cards, services for your will/trust.


increasingly common self-service systems proficiently.

Other technology

Help with your own digital technology issue.

Other finance

Help with your own personal finance issue.

How To Get Help

If you want help with any of the above, please let me know by sending me an e-mail - [email protected]

We can establish the best form of communication from there.

Confidentiality and privacy are maintained at the highest level.  Access to your accounts, logins, passwords, screens or other personal information remain yours and are not shared. No financial or digital products are sold.


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