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Your Personal Digital Security

Hackers can easily access your online accounts if you 1) Use weak passwords and reuse them for multiple accounts 2) don't enable two/multi-factor authentication.

The more pieces of your personal information that are found on public websites and profiles, the easier it is for cyber criminals to put them together like a puzzle.

Approximately 50% of people contacted by a scammer will engage with them, 91% if on social media. Of those engaged on social media, 53% lost money. (BBB, FINRA and Stanford Center for Longevity)

In 2021, the FTC reported that consumers lost more than $5.8 billion due to fraud, a 70% increase from the previous year. 2022 and 2023 show no signs of decreasing.

Digital Due Diligence

Effectively research for virtually anything online. Identify trustworthy, legitimate sources to avoid scams, fraud, unsecured portals/websites/apps and other threats to your personal sensitive data. Understand the threats.

 Personal Digital Security

Implement a password manager and digital vault to store unique, strong passwords, security information and private digitized files. Require two / multi-factor authentication. Your best defenses.

Automation & Tracking

Automate & track your transactions and progress using apps, portals & dashboards to make better decisions. Access reports, create tracking & notifications to know how you are doing. Know your numbers.

Digital Financial Benefits

Leverage digital technology to not only streamline your finances but also the rewards, returns and rates you receive. Eliminate unnecessary fees, charges and purchases.

♦ Credit card rewards       ♦ Shopping rewards       ♦ Higher FICO score

♦ Higher yield savings rate    ♦ No bank fees    ♦ Lower lending interest rate

♦ No late payment fees   ♦ No commissions    ♦ Advanced security

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