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Why Hire a Digital Financial Coach?

To wisely use digital technology in your personal finances, you need a solid foundation of knowledge.

With such an abundance of digital information, learning to decipher what is relevant, trustworthy and effective for you, is key. Knowledge builds knowledge.

Knowledge becomes most useful when you implement it by doing, like driving a car, a stick shift is even better. The more you do it, the better you get and it becomes a lifetime skill.

Digital Due Diligence

Effectively research the banks, companies & people you are transacting your money with. Learn how to identify scams, fraud, unsecured portals and other threats before it results in loss. Understand the threats.

Cyber Security

Implement a password manager and digital encrypted vault to store unique, strong passwords, security questions/answers & private digitized files. Require two / multi-factor authentication. Your best defenses.

Automation & Analytics

Automate your financial transactions. Track, monitor & analyze your transactions in real-time to make better financial decisions. Create a financial dashboard & other reports to visually track progress of how you are doing financially.

Additional Benefits

Leverage that financial knowledge with digital technology and newly developed skills to not only optimize your time but also the rewards, returns and rates you receive. Eliminate unnecessary fees, charges and purchases.

♦ Credit card rewards       ♦ Shopping rewards       ♦ Lower investment fees

♦ Higher FICO score     ♦ Higher yield savings rate     ♦ No transaction fees

♦ Lower lending interest rate     ♦ No bank fees      ♦ No late payment fees

         ♦ No commissions      ♦ Increased transparency       ♦ Advanced security

If you are uncertain answering some of these questions, take a look at the Sessions and how my coaching works. 

♦ Are you confident in managing your finances online?

♦ Do you have assurance that you are protected if your personal information or accounts are compromised or hacked?

♦ Do you understand all of the financial technology (FinTech) terms and how it all works?

♦ Are you manually paying and tracking your bills because you don't want to lose visibility?

♦ Are you taking time to educate yourself on what you should be doing or just don't have time to get it done?

♦ Do you have financial and technology questions that you aren't getting straightforward and unbiased answers on?

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