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Digital Technology + Personal Finance

How to Navigate the Digital Landscape
Securely | Conveniently | Wisely

Are you managing your finances online securely?
Are you managing your finances online securely?

The purpose of Cache Coach is to educate how technology affects your personal finances in more ways than you know and how to securely and efficiently navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.

FinTech Concierge services combine digital technology + personal finance to help you streamline the financial complexities in life that are now technology driven. Services are tailored to fit your individualized needs from a single request to an ongoing project.

Types of Services Offered

Digital Due Diligence 

Learn in-depth research skills on how to verify legitimate, trustworthy online resources for virtually anything. Understand how to manage and control your digital footprint.

Personal Cyber Security

Integrate a password manager, two/multi-factor authentication, digital file storage & transfer protecting your identity, money & assets. Stay current on cyber threats, fraud & scams.

Digital Money Management

Leverage technology for efficiency and real-time decision-making. Set-up a digital financial tracking/dashboard, automatic investment transfers. Create a Personal Account List.

Self-Service Proficiency

Technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Become self-service proficient knowing how to navigate any online system and when to seek professional guidance.

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