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Things you should know to keep your treasures
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It isn’t a one-time fix
It’s staying one step ahead

Welcome to Cache Coach!

Your private, trustworthy source to learn how to keep your treasures secure and you, technology smart. The digital world is ever-changing. It isn't a one-time fix.

It's staying one step ahead.

We should know these things, but like me, you hesitate to view unfamiliar sites if we unknowingly are tracked, pitched, spammed or identified.

To assure you, there is no catch, no bait and switch, no hidden agenda, no cookies tracked, no ads or products pitched, no unsolicited e-mail, no likes or comments.

You remain anonymous when you visit this site because we all hate to admit what we don't know and with cyber, digital, AI, it is a lot, especially when it affects our personal money, finances and other treasures.

So, make this one of your trusted sites and visit often for new content. It will be engaging and something different to follow for those who want to be one step ahead.

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Your Best Investment

By Andra Wauters | June 10, 2024

Before I was 16, I had figured out that if I ever wanted to go to college, I needed to start earning money and saving it pronto. So, I gotContinue readingYour Best Investment

Your Connected Car

By Andra Wauters | June 4, 2024

Do you own a “connected car” but don’t know how everything works? Or are you in the market to buy and don’t know where to start? If you thought yes,Continue readingYour Connected Car

Antelope Canyon, AZ

Trustworthy Sources

By Andra Wauters | May 18, 2024

We often get referrals from trusted friends and family because 4 in 5 Americans (81%) view their personal connections as trustworthy in the information they provide. Much fewer believe socialContinue readingTrustworthy Sources

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