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Personal Finance + Technology

How to Navigate the Digital Landscape
Securely | Conveniently | Wisely

It isn’t a one-time fix
It’s staying one-step ahead

Personal Finance + Technology Concierge Services

Digital Due Diligence 

  • Learn how to verify legitimate, trustworthy online resources for virtually anything.
  • Research home contractors and services before you sign the contract or set-up service.
  • Determine how to manage and control your digital footprint & identity.

Personal Digital Security

  • Integrate a password manager to ensure unique, strong passwords.
  • Enable two/multi-factor or other type of authentication for better account security.
  • Implement a VPN for personal use to protect your money, identity & assets.
  • Secure your automated smart home.

Digital Money Management

  • Leverage technology for efficiency and real-time financial decision-making.
  • Set-up digital financial tracking & automated investment transfers.
  • Stay current on the ever-changing cyber threats, scams & fraud.

Self-Service Proficiency

  • Become self-service proficient knowing how to navigate any online system.
  • Understand and know what you are paying for - Internet, Streaming, Wireless Phone and other online services.
  • Learn how to navigate the online customer service Chatbot.
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