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Things you should know to keep your treasures
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It isn’t a one-time fix
It’s staying one step ahead

Welcome to Cache Coach!

Your private, trustworthy source to learn how to keep your treasures secure and you, technology smart. The digital world is ever-changing. It isn't a one-time fix.

It's staying one step ahead.

We should know these things, but like me, you hesitate to view unfamiliar sites if we unknowingly are tracked, pitched, spammed or identified.

To assure you, there is no catch, no bait and switch, no hidden agenda, no cookies tracked, no ads or products pitched, no unsolicited e-mail, no likes or comments.

You remain anonymous when you visit this site because we all hate to admit what we don't know and with cyber, digital, AI, it is a lot, especially when it affects our personal money, finances and other treasures.

So, make this one of your trusted sites and visit often for new content. It will be engaging and something different to follow for those who want to be one step ahead.

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The Subtle Catch

By Andra Wauters | May 6, 2024

Everyone in the modern world has developed the art of the scan. We scan e-mails, texts, app notifications, social media feeds and other digital messaging requiring our attention daily. WhoContinue readingThe Subtle Catch

The 8th Wonder of the World

By Andra Wauters | April 28, 2024

It can be hard to conceptualize this wonder, especially when the brilliance of it isn’t immediately appreciated in our world of instant gratification. Often referred to what Einstein called, “TheContinue readingThe 8th Wonder of the World

Your Private Sanctuary

By Andra Wauters | April 21, 2024

Gone are the days of George Constanza faking a house in the Hamptons. (Seinfeld). No need to drive out to see if a house exits, just look up the addressContinue readingYour Private Sanctuary

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